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Why Antique/Collectible insurance?

Floods can occur anywhere and anytime, even in places where you would think it could never happen.
Damage from a flood can be extensive and costly to repair.

Flood insurance can offer you lots of protection. It covers damage from heavy or prolonged rain,
coastal storm surge, melting snow, blocked storm drainage systems or other similar causes. It gives you coverage
that’s not available through home or business insurance.

Program Highlights
  • Carrier Rated “A XV” by A.M. Best
  • Expert Claims Handling Specific to Class
  • $250 Minimum Deductible
Coverage Area
  • Nationwide Program
Submission Requirements
  • Acord Application
  • DUAL Supplemental
  • Loss Runs
Coverage & Limits
  • Inland Marine & Business Personal Property
  • $2,000,000 Each and Every Loss, Each and Every Risk
  • Commercial Real Property
  • $850,000 Any One Location
  • Commercial General Liability
  • $2,000,000 Each and Every Loss/$2,000,000 Aggregate
Other Information
  • Up to a 10 Year Extended Reporting Period Available for Claims Made
  • Retro Date Inception Available on Renewal
  • $2,500 per Claim SIR
  • $3,000 Minimum Premium

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