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Torrent Technologies, Inc., and DUAL Commercial, LLC are pleased to announce an Excess Flood Insurance Program available on a Surplus Lines basis in all 50 states, providing flood insurance protection above the limits available from the National Flood Insurance Program. Via the Torrent system, you will direct access to quote and bind excess flood coverage. The Torrent interface to Dual will pre-populate many of the basic underlying NFIP policy information, saving you time and key strokes.

Who We Are

Dual Specialty Property is wholly owned by Dual Group the worlds largest Lloyds of London Coverholder. Dual SpecialtyProperty operates in the capacity of Managing General Underwriter on behalf of Certain Underwriters at Lloyds. Our underwriting professionals brings years of insurance expertise with emphasis on our flood specific knowledge.Collectively, we possess significant expertise in various disciplines within underwriting, sales and program administration.

What We Do

As a Managing General Underwriter, Dual Specialty Property underwrites on behalf of carrier partners. Based on years of market experience and local area knowledge, we have earned the underwriting authority to make risk selection, quote, bind, and issue policies on behalf of aforementioned carrier partners. As a result we are able to provide timely and relevant solutions to our customers.


When a natural disaster occurs, it has the potential to devastate your home, your business, and your life in general. Many people mistakenly believe that their homeowners and business owners insurance covers them for these types of events when in fact most policies covering these types of assets will exclude or severely limit coverage for damages resulting from natural disasters.

Catastrophic events such as flooding, earthquake, hurricane/wind and landslide are commonly excluded, sub-limited or restricted by onerous deductibles. One of the most damaging types of natural disasters is flooding. If a flood occurs, you need to have a flood insurance policy to provide coverage as most carriers exclude water damage from a flooding event.

National Flood Insurance Policies only provide coverage up to $250,000 building / $100,000 contents for residential property and up to $500,000 building / $500,000 contents for commercial property which often does not meet the replacement costs of most homes and businesses.

If your estimated cost to rebuild is higher than these limits, you need an Excess Flood Insurance policy from Dual Specialty Property to be sure that funds are available to repair your home or business.

Dual Specialty Property can provide limits above and beyond the NFIP up to a total of $15MM over all interest including business income including loss of rents in all 50 states subject to underwriting guidelines.

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