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20 04, 2020

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Insurance Industry

Before we dive in, above all else, DUAL hopes you and your loved ones are well and safe.

02 03, 2020

How Does the Private Flood Market Compete Against the NFIP?

When a flood risk crosses your desk, your first thought may be the National Flood Insurance Program but did you know the Private Flood Market is giving the NFIP a run for its money? There are many types of risks where a Private Flood Market quote [...]

20 01, 2020

Obstacles & Opportunities Facing Private Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has been under financial strain for years due to losses from more frequent and severe storms. For almost 40 years, the NFIP has been the principal market for primary flood insurance coverage. Back in [...]

30 08, 2019

DUAL Travels to HubSpot's INBOUND Conference

If you're an underwriter or broker the words HubSpot and Inbound probably do not have much relevance in your day-to-day work life. Understandably so! However, for the marketing team here at DUAL, a group dedicated to driving meaningful client [...]

09 07, 2019

The Private Flood Market Experiences a New Lender Compliance Requirement

If you're an underwriter, specifically in the flood insurance market, you know the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is strained and in debt. This debt should come as no surprise considering flooding is one of the most common and [...]

19 03, 2019

The Inaugural Good Times Insured Charity Comedy Show

You've been hearing a lot about the Good Times Insured comedy show DUAL North America is putting on this Summer, but what exactly is this event? How did it start and why is it so important? All of your questions are about to be [...]

02 10, 2018

DUAL Gives Back with New Charity Event: Million for Million

Did you know Hyperion, our parent company, has their 25th anniversary in 2019? To celebrate this milestone, and to give back to the communities they reach, Hyperion is launching their new global charity initiative called Million for Million [...]

21 08, 2018

How to Write a Great Insurance Event Follow-Up Email

Representatives from DUAL go to many conferences and industry events every year; the value of meeting with fellow professionals is not lost on the leaders here. However, a tradeshow represents a substantial financial and time investment. Between [...]

25 07, 2018

National Flood Insurance Program Re-Authorization Deadline Approaches

The re-authorization of the National Flood Insurance Program has been pushed back and is due by midnight on July 31, 2018. Unless Congress re-authorizes the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) brokers will not be able to sell or renew flood [...]

13 06, 2018

DUAL Commercial LLC Welcomes New Underwriter to Their Professional Liability Team

DUAL Commercial LLC is proud to announce Justin Goldfarb has joined their organization as an underwriter in the Professional Liability Program.

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