Program Highlights
  • Carrier Rated “VIII” by A.M. Best

  • Non-Admitted

  • Maximum Premium: $30,000

General Contractors
  • $1,500 Minimum Premium Occurrence/$1,000 Minimum Premium Claims Made

  • Custom Homebuilders, Remodeling and Commercial Construction

  • 100% Subcontracting Permitted

  • Blanket A.I., Blanket WOS, CG2037, per Project Aggregate and Blanket P/N Forms Available

  • Exterior Work Above 3 Stories Prohibited

Artisan Contractors
  • $500 Minimum Premium for All Classes Except $2,000 for Roofing Accounts

  • Over 100 Eligible Classes
    (Ineligible: Plumbers, Tree Trimming & Home Appliance Installation)

Non-Contracting Classes
  • $500 Minimum Premium for all Classes

  • Most Classes Considered Including: Habitational, Mercantile, LRO and Hospitality

    • No Products Driven Accounts


    • General Liability
      Limits up to $1,000,000 per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate (Occurrence or Claims Made)

    • Contents Coverage
      (Must be Packaged with the GL)

      • $200,000 Limit

      • Building Coverage is not Available

      • Minimum Premium: $250

      • Wind Coverage Available in Coastal Areas with Masonry or Better Construction

      • Can Include Property Enhancement Endorsement for “BOP-Like” Coverage

      • Business Income Coverage Available

    • Inland Marine
      (Must be Packaged with the GL)

      • $200,000 Limit

      • Minimum Premium: $250

      • All Perils Excluding Flood and Quake

      • Contractor’s Equipment, Installation Floaters, Miscellaneous Tools ($2,000 Maximum)

    Ineligible Risks/Exposures

    • New construction of Tract, Condo or Townhomes

    • Exterior work above 3 stories

    • Roofers doing any hot tar, torch work, spray-on or any roofing applications that require a heat source to apply

    • (Our online rating system will decline Artisans Contractors doing plumbing, appliance installation, tree trimming, welding, metal fabrication, boiler work, street/road construction, traffic signage or signal work, in addition to other classes that are ineligible)

    Online Rating
    Program Map & Availability

    US Map - DUAL Select

    • Available Program
    • Non-Contracting Classes Considered (California & New York)

    All States Except AK, CO, DE, HI, NY & WV

    Submission Requirements
    • Acord Application

    • DUAL Supplemental

    • Loss Runs are Required for Accounts Generating $5,000 or More in Premium

    • New Ventures Considered with Adequate Experience

    Allen N. Parraga, CPCU

    Vice President

    Kennesaw Office
    DUAL Select

    T: 973-631-7575 Ext. 220
    F: 239-263-1808

    Heather Leigh

    Renewal Underwriter

    Kennesaw Office
    DUAL Select

    T: 973-631-7575 Ext. 221
    F: 239-263-1808

    Ken Hosp


    Kennesaw Office
    DUAL Select

    T: 973-631-7575 Ext. 802
    F: 239-263-1808

    Marcedes Jackson

    Underwriting Assistant

    Kennesaw Office
    DUAL Select

    T: 973-631-7575 Ext: 805
    F: 239-263-1808