Program Highlights
  • Nationwide Program (Non-Admitted)

  • Carrier Rated “A XV” by A.M. Best

  • $1,000,000 per Occurrence/$2,000,000 General Aggregate

  • Minimum Premium: $5,000

  • Residential and Commercial Contractors Acceptable

Classes of Business

Contractors that are Certified to Install Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

Commercial and Residential Contractors

May include Stucco/Plastering and Drywall, but only if EIFS operations are more than 50% of all operations

  • Claims Made Form Specifically for EIFS Coverage

Other Information
  • Up to a 3 Year Extended Reporting Period Available for Claims Made

  • Retro Date Inception Available on Renewal

  • $5,000 per Claim Deductible

  • $5,000 Minimum Premium

  • Condominium or Townhouse Work is Excluded (Apartments are Acceptable)

  • No Tract home new construction for over 40 dwellings

Program Map & Availability

US Map - Nationwide
Submission Requirements
  • Acord Application

  • DUAL Supplemental

  • Loss Runs

  • Current Manufacturer’s Training Certifications

Lou Ann Cook

Senior Underwriter

Charlotte Office Environmental & EIFS T: 973-631-7575 Ext: 132 F: 239-263-1808