Products Available
  • Wind, Hail, Flood & Quake Deductible Buy-Down

  • Coastal All Risk & Wind

  • High Value Homeowners

Deductible Buy-Down

Available in all 50 States

  • In-House Capacity of $20 Million per Location all Interest (Building, Contents, Loss of Income)

  • Max Limit of Liability: $1,000,000

    • Minimum Earned Premium Generally Fully Earned Unless Otherwise Agreed

      • Perils: Flood, Earthquake, Wind, Hail & All Risks

      Coastal All Risk & Wind
      • All Risks or Wind Only Coverage for Coastal Properties Located from Maine to Texas


      • Buildings (Residential, Commercial, Condominiums)

      • Contents (Household or Business Content)

      • Loss of Income (Net Business Income or Loss of Rent)

      Limits Available/Per Occurrence

      • $500,000 to $10,000,000 Subject to Underwriting Guidelines, Construction type and State 

      • Construction Types: 

        • All Types-Wood Frame, Non-Combustible I or II, Joint Masonry/Non-Combustible. Fire Resistive

        High Value Homeowners
        • Nationwide Program

        • All-Risk or Named Perils, Standalone Quake & Landslide Available

        • Up to $50 Million any one location (Higher Limits Available)

        • Forms: HO3, HO4, HO5, HO6, DP1, DP3

        • Full Replacement Cost on Dwelling and Contents, All Risk Contents, Extended Replacement Cost on Dwelling, Ordinance Law, Water/Sewer Back-up, Personal Injury, Identity Fraud, Increased Limits for Fine Art & Jewelry

        • Owner Occupied, Secondary, Tenant Occupied, Seasonal Dwellings, Vacant Dwellings, Trusts or LLCs

        Coastal Commercial Property
        • Limits: Up to $7,000,000 TIV

        • Types of Coverage: Property, All risks excluding Flood and Quake, Wind/Hail only, DIC including stand alone Earthquake and Flood, Deductible Buy-downs, primary, excess and full valued limits

        • Types of Business/ Occupancy:Commercial and Habitational, all types considered with no specified restrictions

        Program Map & Availability

        US Map - Nationwide

        Available Nationwide

        Submission Requirements
        • Acord Application

        • DUAL Supplemental

        • Loss Runs

        • Flood Elevation Certification

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