Public Company Directors & Officers

DUAL Transaction Solutions' Public Company D&O offers excess coverage focused on Fortune 1000 businesses.

DUAL Transaction Solutions' Public D&O


Publicly held, Fortune 1000 businesses need protection against financial loss for directors and officers, and, in certain instances, for the company itself for wrongful conduct of directors and officers. In the public company arena those claims often manifest themselves in the form of securities class actions and actions from regulatory bodies alleging claims of mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty or false/misleading public disclosures. The veteran underwriters in DUAL's Public Company D&O team specialize in providing excess coverage for these risks. For more information and general inquiries please reach out to Dennis Kearns, President, DUAL Transaction Solutions.

Program Highlights
  • Nationwide
  • Up to $10M limits
  • Focus on writing excess for Fortune 1000 publicly held companies
  • In house claims handling
  • Traditional ABC coverage (full excess coverage)
  • Side A only (non-indemnifiable loss only for D&O's)

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